Payera: Reinventing the Payment System

 Update is Needed      In a busy world that we are living in today, online shopping has been a really great help to humanity. It has provided everyone with perfect solution to have best control of time.      It is indeed a fact that it's not only Asia but all around the globe... Continue Reading →

Payera: Your Best Shopping and Payment Solution

It is a very sad truth that over a period of time your money losses its purchasing power. It is agreeable to everyone hence we have seen our most valued money succumbing to  the ruthless inflation experienced all around the globe.       If you could still remember during your younger years buying breads,... Continue Reading →

Wemark: Your Professional Photo Provider

It has been an innate characteristic of a man to incorporate aesthetic in every aspect of his life as he naturally values beauty perceived through his visual senses.     Taking photos for personal , professional, business and peer appreciation has been observed since the olden days and has been able to withstand the test... Continue Reading →

Yumerium: Play Harder, Earn Harder

     With the advent of advance technology, it is only fair that the gaming industry must level up a notch to keep abreast of the ever-changing world nowadays.      Who would have forgotten this lovely little guy who loves running arround and collecting potions, gems, and coins? I personally have Nintendo collectibles kept on... Continue Reading →

Money Token: Smartest Crypto Loan

he biggest and unforgettable failure in cryptocurrency industry I had encountered was when I did not bother collecting a bag of bitcoin last December 2016 when it sits at less than 1000$. It left me a big lesson that I should not ignore cryptocurrencies at all as this is the trend now and were heading... Continue Reading →

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