Payera: Reinventing the Payment System

 Update is Needed      In a busy world that we are living in today, online shopping has been a really great help to humanity. It has provided everyone with perfect solution to have best control of time.      It is indeed a fact that it's not only Asia but all around the globe... Continue Reading →

Payera- The Best Shop and Payment Platform

           The market today offers diverse payment system, but non of these suffice Asia's and other continents needs and style.         In the obsolete ways, we make transactions trough cash payments, banks and remittances which are too time consuming. Imagine you have to be physically there in the... Continue Reading →


       With the topography of every nation next to each nation, where some are having sea boundaries, towering mountains and uneven terrains, the demand for logistic industry has been increasingly high during this fast few years. The shipping and logistic industry had grown rapidly and become a multi-trillion market over the past few... Continue Reading →

Wemark: Your Professional Photo Provider

It has been an innate characteristic of a man to incorporate aesthetic in every aspect of his life as he naturally values beauty perceived through his visual senses.     Taking photos for personal , professional, business and peer appreciation has been observed since the olden days and has been able to withstand the test... Continue Reading →

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