RED CAB: the Future Rides Unleashed


   Over the last few centuries, decades and years, transportation technology has evolved a lot better. It has helped billions of people across the globe in traveling places they wanted to be, or through sending items to wanted destination. With the topographic design of earth’s crust and growing needs of the humanity, it is imperative that transportation technology must atleast upgrade along with technological advancements of the 21st century.



   While there can be lots of choices in the market such as transportation companies like GRAB and UBER, and transportation vehicles like taxi, cabs, buses, utility vans, but still most of the times they are never available to everyone. Furthermore another disadvantage perhaps of the current pressing needs to a better transportation means, is that they often tend to take advantages of the uncontrolled environmental phenomenon such as when their will be storm, typhoon, during a holiday when travelling is at peak.


   Transportation fair easily raises in price and we will be compelled to have the service especially if we are in a hurry. Furthermore there can be time when there services are too slow and dragging. Standing in the port waiting for hours for the vehicle arrival is such an annoying experience.


   So how shall we put an end to this sobbing situation? Two of the most advance technology the blockchain and artificial intelligence were both given considerations in the making of the project that would potentially solved the agonizing experience we have.


   Team of equal intellect have lobbied on the creation of the “RED CAB”.


   So what is this Red Cab really?

   Red cab is a decentralized platform aimed to upgrade current transportation needs to a whole new level. The system have introduced the use blockhain, smart contracts and artificial intelligence in the system thereby making transactions a lot safer, secured, transparent and a lot way cheaper. According to the study we are spending billions in the middlemen and intermediaries , and if we could just use another better platform then we shall be saving a lot of money which we can be used in the development of the infrastructure.


   What makes RED CAB better than any transportation platform out in the market like Uber? Because it is decentralized platform, therefore we will be able to save huge money as we use its services. Additionally because the system is integrating Artificial Intelligence, everytime we make use of the “CABBI” it is learning the way how we use and interacts with it. Like for instance you will be going home at dinner time, then tha DApps will be giving you possible suggestions like buying food in the near restaurant before heading home. So its just the same as having personal assistant by your side. What makes it very impressive and convenient is that because it is empowered with GPS system so everytime you hop on, it always gives you accurate directions to places you wanted to go.


   But wait there’s more!

   There are chances also that you can earn money through the token that they are giving when you refer someone to use their services! and That is indeed very rewarding!


   The main goal of RED CAB is to be the world’s widely used transportation services and a step to it is to offer ultimate RIDES! respectively:

Economy cab,


Family cab,


Luxury cab,


and Red Cab.


   Economy cab, the name itself suggest that this is mainly for daily use and public transportation such as sending students to school or individuals to work, while family cab is for family use during special events or vacation trip, meanwhile if you want to go in a special event and you are dressed and prepped well then a LUXURY CAB should bring you to your destination. Furthermore a RED CAB is for sophisticated, distinctive and classy events.

The Roadmap

Below are the planned activities suited for a time frame.


The Projected Exchange


The following are the exchanges where the team are planning to tap after the ICO.

The Team


The Partners


In a certain project partnerships plays a very important role in achieving the project’s success. The following are bound to be the partners of Red Cab.

Final Thoughts


Upon reviewing related facts about this project, I must say that this is worth investing for 2018. Highly recommended.

To know the project better, please visit the links below:

Website:            Whitepaper:                      Ann Thread:                            Telegram:


The Author:                                                Btt username: jelbert1351                      Btt profile link:;u=1529998;sa=summary   wallet Address: 0x34D5577Ac12fCD4Fa87F87812058021b8Bc1F80D

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