Payera: Reinventing the Payment System


 Update is Needed

     In a busy world that we are living in today, online shopping has been a really great help to humanity. It has provided everyone with perfect solution to have best control of time.

     It is indeed a fact that it’s not only Asia but all around the globe we have lots of fully established and successful online shop in the market. To name a few the very renowned “LAZADA, EBAY, and AMAZON”, But what must be seem to be the problem here?images-23.jpg

    The problem I personally encountered with them is they lack options for CONVENIENT PAYING. Of course every consumer would love to find ways on how to pay items CONVENIENTLY and at the CHEAPEST RATE  as possible.images-35

The Solution


     “PAYERA” – An online platform which came into realization to answer markets need for efficiency and reduced online transaction security threats on crypto spending. PAYERA makes use of the highly advance technology to date the “CRYPTOCURRENCY AND BLOCKCHAIN” and is indeed a great leap in the world’s mundane payment system.images-43.jpg

     In payera platform, they will contain their sellable items like gadgets, personal collections, home commodities and maybe food, and almost everything as a ONE STOP SHOP, in “SHOPERA“,kjeeewe_4.png

and the only way to make use of the services is by obtaining “PERA” in Philippines it is translated to “MONEY”. You can have PERA by making use of the platform also by simply trading your ALT COINS, CRYPTOCURRENCIES to “PERA”. In the platform you will have always the free will to choose on converting PERA to any cryptocurrencies and versa.

     Another very cool thing about this new system is that as an avid user of the platform, you will ve given a special card “CARDERAkreditka_weiss2.png which could be use as an ordinary debit card but it is made special for it is linked to your platform account. Meaning you can cash out immediately whenever wanted or pay via debit card on the internet. That makes payera a top a notch and the first of its kind.

     Payera aims to be the widely known and used crypto, shopping platform once fully integrated in the system. So let us watch out soonest for the tremble!

The Roadmap

     The illustration below shows the activities to which the team will ve focused on for a particular time frame.



    The following are the great individuals equally important to the success launching of the project.


My Final Thoughts

     Upon stringent reviewing of the team, the concept, the roadmap I have seen emerging potentiality of this ICO making me conclude that this is An ICO to watch out this 2018. Highly recommended.

To further evaluate this ICO, please visit the links below



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