Cryptoriya- Best Conduit for Cashing Cryptos


   The crypto market is indisputably dynamic! There are over hundreds of cryptos created each day that are adding to thousands of crypto currencies in the coin market cap capitalization. In fact the coin market capitalization has monetary volume of exactly $387,752,016,120 in the time of writing. Each of them plays a significant purpose in the industry.

The growing needs and demands for smartest, safest cryptocurrency pave way for developers to continue on creating possible solution to the pressing and sobbing problems the society is experiencing when it comes to payments solution. There quest for the crypto never stop and as such day by day they keep on working on creating and innovating their products.
One of the major concerns the market has is that we tend to regard cryptocurrency as currency like of that piece of paper to be exchanged to a currency before we can use it in real world rather than something we use to buy products. Using a particular crypto as currency to buy product is very advantageous, thereby increasing the demand of that particular crypto over period of time thus imminent price raise will be foreseen  in the future.

If we will just imagine that buying stuff everywhere could be done through using crypto either bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and the like is really a whole new level of payment system. Exchanging altcoins to widely accepted currency – btc, before you can buy something is quite time-consuming. So how about make a token, a crypto or altcoin that would directly can buy stuff,  can be converted to any currency, and also can be a widely accepted currency on the market. That will make the system so efficient thereby reducing emerging risks and safety concerns.

So here comes “RIYA”, a newly created cryptocurrency mainly used in CRYPTORIYA that answers almost everything we need in the market. It is intended for peer-to-peer exchange and peer to exchange transactions, can be used to pay for any services in cryptoroya. Another special functions of the platform is the crypto to cash and crtpyo to bank, meaning you will have the option of a no hasle conversion of your crypto holdings to a fiat and withdraw it almost everywhere. The really sounds amazing!

But wait there’s more! Another cool feature about cryptoriya is the use of CRYPTORIYA card which a debit card for cashing out crypto and you could also use it like a normal debit card in paying your stuff. This card is linked for partnership particularly to top banks to further aids transactions, the banks are: CREDIT MUTUEL BANK OF FRANCE, ZURICH CANTONAL BANK OF SWITZERLAND, CAESISBANK OF LUXEMBORG AND DELEN PRIVATE BANK OF THE BELGIUM. The cryptoriya card will be available soonest than August 2018.Screenshot_20180521-095917Screenshot_20180521-095854

       Security and Safety is the top priority of Cryptoriya. To fully ensure the consumer funds are fully secured, they are using only cold wallets with multi encryption technology thereby reducing any chances of hacking scenarios.


The Roadmap

This portion will show you the pacing of the project from starting point to fully integration.


    Planning phase started July 2017,  September 2017 for the market analyzes, October 2017 for the idea development, December 2017 for the web design draft, February 2018 started the company formation, March 2018 is for alpha testing and ICO preparation, and we are now in ICO stage slated for May 2018, for June will be the beta launching of P2P, July is for full marketing, August 2018 is for public launch of wallet and card, October is for full version of P2P and P2E, November 2018 is for mass usage of the  platform with estimation of 1 Million users, this will grow to 10 Million users by First quarter to 2nd quarter of 2019 (January to June 2019) and for the December 2019 we are fully integrated to the market.

The Team

   The following individuals of equal intellect and capabilities are commissioned for the success of the project. Screenshot_20180521-004405Screenshot_20180521-004420Screenshot_20180521-004436Screenshot_20180521-004450Screenshot_20180521-004505


My Final Thougths

     Upon keen observation of the concept, the team, the roadmap to be implemented, I would say that this project is very feasible and has a high rate of succeeding. This project is therefore recommended to have this 2018.

  To know the project better please go over through



Telegram :



Btt username: jelbert1351

Btt profile link:;u=1529998;sa=summary

Wallet: 0x34D5577Ac12fCD4Fa87F87812058021b8Bc1F80D

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