Payera- The Best Shop and Payment Platform


     The market today offers diverse payment system, but non of these suffice Asia’s and other continents needs and style.


        In the obsolete ways, we make transactions trough cash payments, banks and remittances which are too time consuming. Imagine you have to be physically there in the establishment and  you left tasks at home or in your work place unattended.

     But what if, you could just sit, browse and click sites in the internet and when you find something interesting and good to buy, you will just pay it online? Isn’t that amazing? and truly innovative?


    This is the main concern why PAYERA platform is considered for realization. Teams of equal capabilities amasses ideas and collaborated it to answer the needs of the society when it comes to payments system.


      But wait! Theres more to it and makes it so exciting! The  PAYERA is a shop and a wallet in one, what gives it uniqueness that stands out among payments system the market has offered is that it used the most safest and advance technology of payment system nowadays the blockchain.


      The payera platform will offer an online store which will be called “SHOPERA”,  where you can find lots of your favorite stuffs from high ends gadgets to personal collections, and almost everything the market has to offer, it would be likely bigger than “Lazada”. In paying for the orders you will be needing cryptocurrency- “PERA” which is literally means money in the Philippines, other cryptocurrencies like ethereum and bitcoin will maybe offered to.


       Another advantage Payera has to offer is the use of cards which will be  named “CARDERA” in the platform this security embedded card could be use to pay and cash out cryptocurrency-PERA, in the platform which translate to a very safe and very convenient shopping experience for everyone.


     I am pretty sure everyone are very excited to the upcoming a d trending project. With this innovation it could take the payment system to a whole new level.



     Now lets us know who are the persons involve in this feasible project.


     As to the step by step activities towards goals, lets us observe the Roadmap below


Final Thoughts

    With the current state of payment options around the market which are too left behind by cryptocurrencies, it’s just right that we should keep abreast of the development bound by this ever-changing world. Upon the keen observation of the concept, the road, tge team , I found this project highly feasible and recommended.

To further analyze the project please visit



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