Payera: Your Best Shopping and Payment Solution

It is a very sad truth that over a period of time your money losses its purchasing power. It is agreeable to everyone hence we have seen our most valued money succumbing to  the ruthless inflation experienced all around the globe.


      If you could still remember during your younger years buying breads, milks, eggs and other essential commodities with the meager amount  of penny you have, now its really disappointing that the same amount of money could hardly buy something for dinner.


     That is the main predicament our society is facing nowadays. A sad plight everyone has to experience because of the inflation rate’s effect.

     But how can we be alleviated from this situations? Perhaps the answer is “CHANGE”, specifically in the denomination currency and technology that we are employing these days in the business industry.

     Observed in  the current status as millennial, born in the 21st century, we pioneered on the creation of varied online currencies that has potential of retaining its value determined by evaluation  in the market. But we do not halt their, Our conquest for much more better and sustainable form of currency shall continue and we shall have something which is intangible, secured online, and scalable currency that would never loss its extrinsic value over a period of time. In pursuant to unflinching essentiality of the said currency a team was able to conceive the “PAYERA PROJECT”.

     Yes! It might maybe new to you, to us. But one thing is for sure, the future has come and those that are likely to succeed are those individuals who are adaptable to change, we should and must embrace the advance technologies offered to us.

     But what really is PAYERA? Payera if your from the “Philippines”, you could directly associate it with money. Perhaps its coined from “PERA”. Payera is actually a combination of an online store and a wallet.


     A “Shop” where you can purchase enormous stuff just with the ease and comfort of using your most loved smartphone or your laptop. In the system it called “SHOPERA”. The later statement says it is a wallet, yes it is, but not just an ordinary wallet for it has took advantage of the most celebrated technology today the “Blockchain”, an online ledger, spreadsheet for currency transactions.


     How Payera stands among the online currency out in the market? It was mentioned a while ago that it is not limited only to an Erc20 token, but ofcourse it is considered an online store, but wait! There is more it  is furthered empowered via an ATM card called “CARDERA” in the system. It is a card linked to payera platform which you could use when you wanted to cash out some of your holdings! Oh wow! isn’t that amazing? and probably the first of its kind.


       I am so thrilled and can not await any longer for the fully integration of the system online. The toke pre Ico sale shall commence by May 30. So if I were you bag more of it as you can!


The Time Frame

     This section will show you how they will progress from Private Sale, Pre Ico until the making of CARDERA by 2020.


Final Words

     As I have gone through their whitepaper, website, the team, promotional videos and the token allocation, I would say the Project is a good one to invest this 2018. It is very exhilarating to know how this project unfolds in the future. Congratulations Team.

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