With the topography of every nation next to each nation, where some are having sea boundaries, towering mountains and uneven terrains, the demand for logistic industry has been increasingly high during this fast few years. The shipping and logistic industry had grown rapidly and become a multi-trillion market over the past few years.
It is foreseen as an interconnected phenomenon with the advancement of technology as the demand for something over the market be it online or in a physical store in the next city have paved ways in the creation of the much been longed logistic company that would suffice needs for quality, efficient and safe arrival of the products.


           The main goal of each courier is to bring deliveries: fragile (can easily be broken), perishable goods, gadgets and the like, safe and efficient, no delays and no damage upon receiving.
In my country, Philippines, “LBC” and “JRS EXPRESS” are the top rating courier to offer logistic services. In the asia and neighboring countries they have FedEx, DTDC, Japan Post Group, YRC Worldwide, PostnL, DHL Express, United Parcel Service, Inc to name a few.

With my personal experience just this week, a friend of mine sent me perishable goods from Dubai, it was so upsetting as I was able to received the package after 1 week. Would you imagine waiting for a week just to receive your item? That is too much delay, that is considered a mediocre performance in the logistic world. I could really feel those persons sentiments over the internet shouting out, raging themselves for their items that were takes so long to deliver. They maybe annoyed on how inefficient the service was in contrary to courier’s promised which bringing it on time.
So how do we address such pressing predicament? Are we going to stick to the old and primitive ways and just wait for your package to arrive next to your door step? Are you tired of complaining to your courier yet there is no evident of upgrading such snail paced services.
Well, wait no more for the next big courier is about to Launch!
The NextPackk. What is NextPakk? Well the name is really interesting! Something “Next in Line”, and something big for sure!

NextPakk is a decentralized platform which make advantages of the worlds’ leading technology nowadays the blockchain ans sharing economy. That makes an impeccable tandem for both, ensuring utmost performance of the platform. In NextPakk, basically you are going to make a customer profile in the site then you will be given a unique customer identification and browse on their available products coming from the different merchants. Upon seeing potential things you loved to buy , you are just going to hit the buy button, proceed to cart and payment. As simple as that! But what makes it so unique? It is unique because it makes use of “Pakka tokens“, this a  cryptocurrency base from stellar blockchain having friction less properties. Making use of the payment system just takes three to five seconds to succeed. Thats how its beating bitcoin in terms of efficiency.

     No more standing on a very long queue just to pay for your products’ shipment as it is very inconvenient and very laborious for someone. I would eat all your time.


    Using NextPakk platform is really an advantage for online shoppers as it gives consumers so much convenience, control, and security over their valuables and packages.  Pakka blockchain will be the pillar   and backbone of the DApps- A conduit built to conduct logistics businesses.

      What more benefits can we get from using NextPakk? Ofcourse! What makes it better than any othe logistics company already ouy in the market? What I love this  platform is that you can earn Pakka tokens through referral system, bonuses and more.

       I really can not wait to use their services, it may not be available to all countries but surely just like other did, it would tremble the shipping industry once fully launched, used and integrated into the system. I am pretty sure this projects calls for success as almost everybody needs it. It answers tge pressing problem our economy and society is facing nowadays. So I am seeing a brigther future for this project.

Token Distribution Overview 

Screenshot_20180519-091322     As you could observe, the allocation of the tokens was strategically fractioned to a portion for the advancement of the project. There are a total 1 billion Pakka tokens, 3 million (3%) alloted for bounty, 5 million(%%) alloted for PDP rewards, 8 million (8%) for private sale, 8 million for driver rewards (8%), another 8 million as company reserves, 8 million(8%) alloted for user rewards and airdrop, 8 million (8%)  for the advisors, 10 million (10%) alloted for the team, 12 million (12%) alloted for the pre ICO and 30 million (30%) tokens for the ICO. For the business to succeed it is imperative that they are wise to allocate portions of supply properly. For me there should be no greater than 4% allocation for bounty programs. They are all essential parts of the success though.

The Prime Movers of Innovations

   Below are the persons of high level of credibility , master of their own fields and have proven themselves already in their field of expertise, they will work hand in hand for the betterment and success of the project.



Ofcourse in a business, one of the key factors to succeed is the funding system coming from big investors and partnerships. NextPakk is very proud to tell you that they are in partnership with the following big companies: Military token, Diaspocare, 256GL, Spotberry, and VetStoreUSA. Those are among the companies which will backed up the NextPakl. They will work hand in hand to realize the business goals.


Upon careful reviewing of the project, i daresay that this is one the most promising crypto project to wait and invest for this 2018. Concept wise, very feasible and has great potential of succeeding and be fully adopted in the society. Kudos team!


To know further the project. Please visit them


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The Author:

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Ethereum address: 0x34D5577Ac12fCD4Fa87F87812058021b8Bc1F80D

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