Money Token: Smartest Crypto Loan


1526295571018he biggest and unforgettable failure in cryptocurrency industry I had encountered was when I did not bother collecting a bag of bitcoin last December 2016 when it sits at less than 1000$. It left me a big lesson that I should not ignore cryptocurrencies at all as this is the trend now and were heading to a future with endless possibilities. Travis Patron once said that cryptocurrency is perhaps an intrinsically valuable form of money since it is controlled by time-limited algorithms.

   Sometimes, when I felt sorry of the chances that slipped into my hands I have wished for a time travel, What if you have the power to turn back time? Would you go to  May 22, 2010, when a developer bought two pizzas using 10,000 units of a then-little-known digital currency called bitcoin? unnamed-1

   Too bad for that developer because last December 2017 marks a milestone for bitcoin holders as it shines in it’s all time high at 20k $. Yes! You read it right, it is perhaps true what  Bill Gates have said, “Just hold 1 btc to become a millionaire.” pexels-photo-730564.jpeg

      Though it is good for lots of whales and investors, we can not define the fact that bitcoin is less used as a means of paying services and goods, in some countries yes, but still bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is somehow regarded as assets to be sold whenever the price rises in the market.

  To address this calling, great developers with exquisite taste for innovation have convened to create a currency with a platform where you can take the a loan by depositing a crypto collateral in the form of MONEY TOKEN, a literal symbol of a money, in which reduces market’s risks thereby creating a stable a lending model using cryptocurrencies as a security deposit.

     Take this in mind for example, should you wish to buy Channel, Prada, Lv, Gucci, Martini, Bugatti, Maserati or even a Lambo but you do not want to sell your holdings for now for you believed that your time to sky-rocket and tremble market is yet to come, then deposit the collateral in the platform and you can lease a particular amount in proportionate to your crypto value! Isn’t it amazing? But wait there’s more! You can repay the owed money in FIAT form. So owed money neither decreases value nor increases value over a time. Because imagine if you have borrowed 1 btc on January 2017 which is worth 1000$ and repay it today? You are really sure in a big mess because 1 btc is more than 9000$ or greater.

   So how does the money lending platform works?


   Just like in the banks, when you borrow money there has to be terms of agreement inclosed with the duration of paying. In money token platform, developer believes that it is much more advantageous in the platform rather than in the bank because of the following reasons:

images-91. Fast and hassle free loan confirmation in a snap of a finger,

2. Zero requirements for credit scoring or verification of

3. The customer sets and controls the loan conditions on their own within the confines of the platform’s termsdownload4. You got the choice of depositing the collateral in several cryptocurrency assets in order to stabilize the general fluctuation
of the collateral and lower any upward pressure on interest rates.


5. There is an observable transparency of the operation on both transfer and retention of the security deposit.


6. There is an absolute transparency of collateral assessment and evaluation and the fluctuation of its value over a period of time for both lendee and lender. images-16.jpg

The Roadmap

  Below will show you the entire progress of the project. Where it is starting and where should it head to.


Should We Invest?


   The experts had fathomed their verdict. It is a must ICO for 2018!

The Prime Movers:

The following persons involved have devoted their time and resources for the development of the project.


Should you wish to know more better, please see the following links below:


White paper:

The Author

Btt Url:;u=1529998;sa=summary

Btt Username: Jelbert1351

Ethereum Address: 0x34D5577Ac12fCD4Fa87F87812058021b8Bc1F80D


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