Payera -the Future Payments in your Hand


1526264605562ver the last few years, payment system and technology has developed rapidly, they now equates with the development brought about by time offering individuals more convenient and streamlined payment experience. So I am quite agog to see how the payment system would look in the future. Would it be the making of cash-less society? Would paying be done through phone? Yes! Possibly as the future is starting to unravel by itself.

    Innovations have paved way to the creation of the most convenient, scalable, and secured payment system widely adopted through out the globe- the CRYPTOCURRENCY.


     It is indeed the necessity for change has pushed man to develop something new and innovative in our payment system without compromising security.

   Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero and sooner PAYERA will soonest be recognized as globally accepted online currency.  Many Industry, entrepreneurial tycoons much prefer them for they tend not to loss their value over a period of time, in contrary they acquire value and mostly keeps on progressing. Just like for example the bitcoin which started from non-valued online currency to 20k USD last December 2017.

    We have come to mention about PAYERA. What is payera? What is something unique about it? Is the project feasible? Profitable? Those were some of the questions running on our heads right now and they shall be the focus of today’s currency presentation.

    PAYERA sounds like PERA perhaps because it is coined from the Asian word “PERA” which means money is a payment platform with wallet and exchange that enables individuals to experience safe crypto spending.

    In addition, Payera is quite similar to successful e-commerce Enterprise in the Asia but is more innovative and is very easy and convenient to use. It is further tandem with “SHOPERA”

nphonescreen1-1Which is basically an online e-store or shop, holding good stuff for you to shop, and an exchange where you can directly buy and sell cryptocurrency.

And what more exciting is that! Payera will also be linked to a card which will be known as “CARDERA”

kreditka_weiss2.png    CALDERA is a cryptocurrency enabled card which someone could use like a debit card or an Atm card, from which you can use it to pay online or in a store accepting cryptocurrency via swipe or NFC, or you could even use it to withdraw cash from an ATM. Such an awesome innovation of payments worth note taking.


   As you could see, the developer intended to block 70% (1,470,000,000) of the total supply which is a good move so that dumping of the coins will be lessend before the listing. You could also observe that there is only 63, 000, 000 (3%) allocated for bounty hunters, which is fairly enough for spreading news in ico accross the globe in all walks of life.

Who are behind this INNOVATIVE IDEAS?

    Below are the following prime movers of innovation who will work hand in hand for the development and betterment of the PAYERA project. Pretty much sure that they are competitive and best in their field.



The 20180512_195111

   Token sale will be starting 16 days from the publication of this article- 30.05.2018 UTC+1.

   Should you wish to scrutinize and know more better the project, please visit the following:


White paper:

Ann Thread:



The Author

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Thank you so much for reading!


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