RED CAB: the Future Rides Unleashed

   Over the last few centuries, decades and years, transportation technology has evolved a lot better. It has helped billions of people across the globe in traveling places they wanted to be, or through sending items to wanted destination. With the topographic design of earth’s crust and growing needs of the humanity, it is imperative... Continue Reading →

Jibbit: Cannabis use Reinforced

     CANABBIS use has been fully integrated and fully internalized in some countries in the Europe and USA. They have passed law legalizing the use of Cannabis or locally known as Marijuana or weed for simple and complex diseases. Though many countries have condemn the use of this medicinal plant they have stood firm... Continue Reading →

Cryptoriya- Best Conduit for Cashing Cryptos

   The crypto market is indisputably dynamic! There are over hundreds of cryptos created each day that are adding to thousands of crypto currencies in the coin market cap capitalization. In fact the coin market capitalization has monetary volume of exactly $387,752,016,120 in the time of writing. Each of them plays a significant purpose in... Continue Reading →

Payera- The Best Shop and Payment Platform

           The market today offers diverse payment system, but non of these suffice Asia's and other continents needs and style.         In the obsolete ways, we make transactions trough cash payments, banks and remittances which are too time consuming. Imagine you have to be physically there in the... Continue Reading →

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